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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

We come in all shapes and sizes, young and old and we all deserve a loving home to call our own.

The very handsome Pablo is still looking for his family.

He’s been with us such a long time now, it’s so sad! Large Bully breeds are so difficult to find homes for, yet they are amazing, loyal dogs and full of character.

Pabs does need an experienced, Adult only home, with the possibility of another older female dog.

Pablo does get on with other dogs, he is lovely with them! however, he is quite protective of his home (he likes to think he’s taking care of everyone) and can become overpowering to other dogs when there is any visitors at the door.

Pablo just needs someone who understands that he likes to meet people in his own time, needs to ‘suss them out’ and therefore does need to be muzzled in situations where people may want to approach him, or may startle him.

It’s so upsetting that we have to make that clear, we know it will put potential adopters off…and in general, he’s such an amazing, loving and funny dog, who’s great in the home and adores his family…but for his safety he needs to wear a muzzle, as he’s wary of strangers but is fine with calm introduction.

It would be such a huge relief to see Pabs settled in a new home.

We know our restrictions on area do limit any potential adopters, however, we do insist on in person homechecks by one of our own team…and also, we do believe that if there are any issues, we need to be able to collect our dogs swiftly, which, with full time jobs and any distance, wouldn’t be possible!

Maybe you could offer Pabs a foster with view to adopt home? We would be happy to provide the services of one of our trusted and proven behaviourists (either Dogsmindsmatter- Canine behaviour and therapy or Help At Hand Dog Training & Behaviour)

Pablo will need the following criteria: Adult only home Pet free - with a possibility of an older, sensible female dog. someone with Bully experience. Within 20/30 miles of Stafford Someone willing to accept advice from a behaviourist regarding future introductions of strangers in the home.

If you are interested in offering Pablo a home please email us at

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