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How we work.
We take in dogs from various circumstances and with varying needs. We provide a foster home, any necessary vet treatment, food, bedding etc.
We meet every dog we take in, so we can use our own experience to do a first assessment. This is so important, to ensure the dogs are placed in foster homes that are suitable. We have nearly 30 years of experience, not just in rescue but also working with dogs, which we rely on carry out these assessments.
If there are behavioural issues, we have a behaviourist who is experienced working with rescue dogs using positive methods.
The foster home relays to us the sort of home they feel is suitable for the dog.
Once ready for a new home, dogs are placed up for adoption with a write up of the criteria needed for that specific dog.
Once a match is found, a home check is carried out, which involves a home visit, to discuss our adoption forms and what we expect from you as an owner. We will also ask to see your garden area to check it if secure.
We are not interested in your decoration, cleanliness or anything other than knowing you are able to care for our dogs as they deserve.
We have an adoption fee currently set at £200.
This is non negotiable as it covers the neutering of each dog.
If we have a dog come in to rescue that is already neutered, the adoption fee will go towards vet care of other dogs that need more that just neutering or to our long term foster dogs who are often on medication.
If your home is rented, we would need to see proof that your landlord will accept a dog.
We also ask that adopters insure their dogs to prevent any unexpected expense.
We have these rules for the safety of our dogs and to ensure we advocate responsible rescue.
We are dedicated to all of the dogs that find themselves in our care and are here to support those needing to find a new home for their dog as well as adopters and our volunteer foster families.
We are a non destruct rescue which means we often have long term foster dogs, to live out their lives with all costs covered by us.
We rely solely on the generosity of our supporters to help achieve this, without them, we could not do what we do.
Thank you for all your continued support.
Anne Marie, Lisa and Rachel

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