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One Goal




I have been involved with rescuing dogs for 25 years. Originally rescuing specific breeds (Rottweilers and Staffordshire Bull terriers) but moving to all breed rescuing in 1997. Work life started on a British horse society Course, to become a riding instructor. Along side this from a young age walking dogs and dog sitting for friends and neighbours as well as owning my own dogs. Realising that a riding instructor job wasn’t what I wanted to do full time, I started working as kennel hand and eventually became manager of a boarding kennels and rescuing on a voluntary basis in my spare time. I have also done various courses for canine nutrition, I am a qualified micro chipper and I have learned a great deal about behaviour not only from my work but from some of the wonderful behaviourists I’ve worked alongside. My passion is the bigger dogs, I love Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Bull breeds etc.. but being in rescue, you don’t often get to choose the dogs you keep, which is why I have quite a few small dogs in my home as well as the odd big one! I now work full time in the NHS and have 4 children and a long suffering husband (Darren) who all Support the rescue and help with the many foster dogs we have in our home as well as all the other support emotionally, financially and time wise that is needed. I’m joined in rescue with lots of like minded people over the years and we try to work together as much as we can. My two partners in this rescue are my sister in law Rachel and close friend Lisa, have been amazing helping me to make this all happen and save as many dogs as we can. A vision for the future of being able to take in all the local strays and to fund veterinary care and behavioural therapy, so none are put to sleep needlessly, is our end goal. A safe place for all local dogs who find themselves in a bad situation. One day we hope that will happen!

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