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Little Olive came to us around 5 weeks ago.

She’s been in foster being assessed and she is now ready to find her family.

As with all our dogs Olives adoptive home will need an in person homecheck, so will need to be in travelling distance of Stafford. As she is not old enough to spay yet, she will be placed on a NEUTERING CONTRACT so will need to be brought to our vets, either Stafford, Stone or Bloxwich branch at a suitable date to be spayed.

We are unsure of Olives exact breed as she was left abandoned and alone at 4 weeks old. Luckily she was found and taken in to a vets. She was fostered by a staff member at the vets, who has given her a fantastic start but was unable to keep her as her elderly dog was not happy having a young pup in the home.

Olive was taken in to the vets at just 0.65kg…so it was expected she’d be a small breed..however, Olive is not a small breed and is getting bigger by the day 😁

We think she will probably be around Boxer size.

This is the write up from her fosters:

Olive, where do I start….. mischievous, but what puppy isn’t. Olive is now 6 months old her energy is envious but she definitely has just as much love to give.

Olive enjoys her walks in the morning to set her up for the day and her big walk in the evening after dinner, she will have a zoomie in the garden after that and she settles down for the evening.

Olive is cautious of people, dogs and cats, but once she knows they are safe, she will happily engage and show her playful side.

Olive loves cuddles, to be close to you, she will follow you from room to room and lay down while you finish what you are doing and follow you out.

Olive is currently fed twice per day, morning and evening. The evening meal is a mix of wet and dry food. She is on wainwright sensitive due to an allergy to poultry.

Olive loves a chew, current favourite is lamb knots. Her puzzle toy is a firm favourite and of course fetch, when you get the ball back of course.

Olive is great with kids, currently living with teenagers but many young children approach her on walks and she is happy for the attention and cuddles.

Cats could be an issue as she is very unsure of them, Olive doesn’t actively chase cats, she is definitely more scared of them

Olive loves to keep watch out the window, just to make sure everything is as it should be

Olive is by far a great natured, loving puppy and I can say without hesitation is loyal and protective. She will make an amazing addition to any family

If you feel you can offer Olive her home please fill in a foster/adoption application on our website or message the page.

We can not reply to comments as they are often missed.

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