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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Our little Kermit the frog…Colin.

Colin is such a desirable looking boy and health wise he’s got no issues which is great for a frenchie, he’s active, playful and although he struggles in the summer months with his breathing, it’s manageable with cooling methods and limited exercise.

Colin’s problem is his behaviour.

There’s no point in beating around the bush…he can, on occasion, be a bit of a nightmare, a handful is probably a kinder term to use!

Colin has been with us now for years. He has been out to some very experienced homes but has still be found to be unmanageable in their environments.

Colin is not naughty. Colin is anxious and in layman’s terms - a bit of a hot head!

If he feels threatened, he will go into fight mode rather than flight mode.

The problem is, it takes a while to understand his triggers, how his trigger stacking begins and how to manage his behaviour.

While this understanding of each other takes place, he will show aggressive behaviour and he has got a bite history in every home.

However, we know him well at BBHQ and he knows us. We have had no incidents for a long time and he is a great little mate In our home.

He walks well on a lead and loves cuddles and fuss, he’s a very misunderstood little chap.

We would be more than happy to

Keep him at BBHQ…BUT this is NOT ideal for Colin.

Colin gets along great with all

The other dogs here but he really doesn’t like sharing his space with large breed males, which means he has to be separated a majority of the time as our resident dog Morris is a large breed.

This means Colin spends far too much time separated from us and although we keep him occupied and integrate him as much as possible…it’s not ideal.

Colin needs his home. He needs somewhere he belongs, where he’s someone’s everything.

He wants to cuddle up watching films, to be brushed, played with and feel special.

What he needs:

Colin needs the following home,

We can not negotiate with any of the following requirements, we aim to set him up for success and for him to be happy.

🐾 Pet free home or with older female dogs who can reassure him when he’s anxious.

🐾 ADULT ONLY home.

🐾Home with a secure garden.

🐾 Colin can be left for up to 4 hours a day, however, due to his anxiety when there are people knocking at the door etc, he does need to be crated, so no

Longer than 4 hours is suitable.

🐾Colin needs a calm and quiet home.

🐾 someone with experience with anxious dogs/ dogs with a bite history. You must ne willing to take advice and guidance from our behaviourist.

We really hope we can find Colin his place. He is happy and comfortable and loved here…but it’s not enough. He NEEDS more. He DESERVES more. He just need that someone to help him.

If you could possibly be that person, please message the page

we cannot respond to comments as they are often missed

If you’re not his person, please could you share? You may have someone on your friends list who is!

Due to home check restrictions, we can only home within a 30 mile

Radius of the Stafford area.

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