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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Bella Beautiful Bella has a sunny personality and you’ll fall in love with her gorgeous looks and good manners too!

She loves her food, but will sit and ‘wait’ patiently until she’s allowed to approach her bowl, and she doesn’t beg for food either. She’s on a grain-free diet and daily apoquel tablets for allergies, but with close management this is lots better than it was- we clean her ears weekly and this, along with the diet change has worked wonders on her itchy ears and skin.

She has had some operations on her knee (luxating patella) and so is currently being taken on small but frequent walks currently 4 x 5-15 minutes a day), building her strength up needs to be taken into consideration for adoption. She walks well after some training with a halti head collar and lead, which you will need to continue to use, she is strong and occasionally wants to chase a cat or say hello to someone but is much better than she was at walking. She will chase cats and birds in the garden so can not to live with cats.

She is really well trained in the house, and will sleep in her crate all night without needing the toilet, and can be left for a couple of hours in her crate during the day too with no issues.

She likes to play with a ball, she loves to play with the hose outside and she enjoys a treat puzzle too- we’ve used a lot of puzzles and boxes to keep her mentally stimulated whilst she was recovering from her knee operation. She’s happy in her own space but knows when you’ve finished dinner she’s allowed on the sofa for a cuddle, but is polite and waits to be invited! If she’s allowed on the sofa she will frequently take herself off during the day for a snooze there, and is generally very chilled in the house.

She doesn’t travel well, she will drool and is occasionally sick, this is motion sickness so medication can be used.

We are working on her meeting other dogs out and about as she hasn’t mixed with other dogs but she has improved a lot with this. She either wags her tail and wants to greet them or lunges at them and barks but with continued, consistent training we know she will continue to get better.

She will bark at the window when people walk past, but stops when you tell her, and is very friendly to visitors, she will occasionally jump up when someone new comes into the house but we’re working on that, she does get down when you say ‘down’. She’s an absolute joy to have around, perfectly behaved in the house and very loving, she is the perfect family dog!

As with all Boycie’s dogs, a home check and set adoption fee will be required. We can only home our dogs within a 20 mile radius of Stafford, due to homecheck restrictions.

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