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Beautiful Terriers

We have 2 beautiful terriers looking for a home. Ideally, we’d love to home them together but owner has said they would be happy separate too, so we would consider splitting them for the right homes.

I have copied a little write up from the current owner about each one.

We would like a home with someone around most of the time and if there are children in the home, they’d need to be over 10 years.

They would need a cat free home as are not cat tested.

Freddie (KC registered, Lakeland, neutered, handsome boy, age 9) looking for a new forever home. Divorce circumstances sadly mean we need to rehome our much loved pet. He will do anything for food, loves to play and enjoys his walks. Very loving, & characterful chap who makes us laugh every day. Fit and well. Travels well in the car. Lives currently with Robin our 8 year old girl who bosses him around.

Robin - we call her Robbie (KC registered, Lakeland, spayed, beautiful girl, age  looking for a new forever home. Sadly divorce and life changes mean that we need to rehome our much loved pet. Absolutely loves lots of close cuddles, is so loving, full of lovely character, and enjoys her walks. Travels well in the car. Currently lives with Freddie our 9 year old boy.

Hi Ann Marie,

They need a home where they have company . They are both absolutely lovely, of course with terrier ways, but very loving, great in the house (can be left happily for 3-4 hrs), love the garden, and like being walked on the lead at least 1x per day (doesnt need to be too far - they just enjoy sniffing a lot!!). Freddie is 10 this coming July & Robbie just turned 8. Both are neutered.

Would love to think you guys could find a loving home for them. Either separate or together - think they would adjust fine either way.

Please fill in a foster/adoption application on our website

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